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Frequently asked questions

  • Bikini, swimming costume, swimming trunks and body-hugging short swim shorts are allowed in the thermal pools. These are also available for purchase at the ticket office.

    The Sauna World is completely textile-free, this also applies to the thermal pool. To visit the saunas you need a sauna towel or a large bath towel on which you can lie or sit in the sauna cabins. 

    Long, loose shorts, full-body swimming costumes, bathing skirts, cotton clothing, street clothes and wearing underwear under your swimming trunks are not allowed. 

  • Bathing clothes, towels for the Thermal Baths and Sauna World,  the Roman-Irish Bath and the Wellness Area, shower utensils. Flip flops or slippers and a bathrobe are also best. 

    In summer, please don't forget to pack waterproof sunscreen. 

    We also recommend bringing a body lotion to apply at the end of your visit.

    Free hairdryers are available in the changing room.

    Tip: You can borrow bathrobes and bath towels at the ticket office

    Bathrobe rental fee: €10, bath towel: €5

  • Yes, for the treatments in the Wellness Area it is necessary to make an appointment in advance. This is best done before you come to us. You can make an appointment for the Wellness Area by telephone on +49 7632 799-208, by e-mail to cassiopeia-wellness@sb-badenweiler.de or directly on site at the Wellness Area information desk in the entrance hall.

    Opening hours of the Wellness Area On-site appointments:

    • Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday: 09.30 h – 15.00 h
    • Thursday, Saturday, Sunday and on public holidays : 09.30 h  – 13.00 h 

    Recommendation: it is better to book in advance, because if you book on site, it may be that all appointments are already fully booked, depending on the workload. 

    If you are unable to keep an appointment, please cancel it at least 24 hours in advance by calling +49 7932 799 208. If appointments are not cancelled in time, we will have to charge you for these unused appointments.

  • Treatments in the Wellness Area can only be booked in conjunction with a visit to the Thermal Baths, the Sauna World or the Roman-Irish Bath.

  • Children accompanied by adults are very welcome at Cassiopeia Therme. If your little ones are still of nappy age, they must wear swim-proof nappies. If you do not have such nappies, you are welcome to purchase them at the spa.

    To keep your children safe, water wings may be worn. Fins, swimming rings, paddling toys and water toys must please be left at home.

    Visits to the Sauna World, the Roman-Irish Bath and the Wellness Area are possible from the age of 12.

  • Unfortunately, it is not yet possible to buy tickets online.

  • If you have forgotten or lost something, please contact the spa cashier directly. 

    Tel. +49 (0)7632 799 200, service@sb-badenweiler.de

  • There is room for up to 700 visitors in the Cassiopeia Therme. But 700 deckchairs unfortunately do not fit into our premises. While you're thermalbathing, relaxing in the Sauna World, being pampered in the Wellness Area or paying a visit to the Bistro, another guest may want to make himself comfortable in the deckchair. By the time you get back, there's bound to be another deckchair free somewhere.

  • You will find detailed information on our Opening Hours and Prices page. Click on the button to go directly there.

  • We can understand that you would like to take a photo of your visit to Cassiopeia Therme and possibly post it on your social media channels.

    However, to protect the privacy of other guests and for legal reasons, photography is prohibited throughout the Cassiopeia Therme. Our employees are instructed and authorised in the event of a and authorised to temporarily confiscate mobile phones and cameras in the event of non-compliance with this regulation.

    In objectively serious cases of violation of guests' privacy and in the event of violations that objectively justify the suspicion of a criminal offence, a ban from the spa and/or a general ban from the premises may be imposed

  • You will find a delicious selection of sandwiches, salads, small dishes, cakes, soft drinks, beer, wine and coffee specialities on the food and drink menu in our Bistro. It is not possible to eat food you have brought with you in the entire Cassiopeia Therme.

  • Guests of the Cassiopeia Therme can park for up to 2 hours free of charge in the Schlosspark car park, which is only 200 m away.

    Subject to change without notice.