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Thermal Baths

Relax in our Thermal Baths, which include the Dome Bath, Marble Bath and the Outdoor Pool. With a 1000 sqm bathing landscape they are a real source of relaxation.


Our traditional Thermal Baths offer you pure relaxation. The Romans already knew about the healing effects of warm springs when they laid the foundation for a health-promoting thermal culture in the Black Forest around 2,000 years ago - exactly where Badenweiler is today.

The well-preserved Roman Bath Ruins, one of the largest north of the Alps, still bears witness to Badenweiler's ancient origins. Right next door, the Cassiopeia Therme, which has been awarded "five wellness stars", continues the long tradition of the historic spa.

Award-winning 'Dome Bath', 32 degrees Celsius

Light and water in perfect combination: our domed pool was awarded the German Steel Construction Prize and offers a magnificent view of the spa gardens. Here, as a guest of the Cassiopeia Therme, you can take part in water gymnastics or aqua fitness classes free of charge.

'Marble Bath', 34 degrees Celsius

Sensual atmosphere, soothingly warm water - in the Marble Bath (34 degrees Celsius) with massage jets and two 36 degree Celsius bathing grottos including a floor bubbler, its easy to relax. Even more intense is a stay in the whirlpool (36 degrees Celsius) with bubble benches.

Tip: For the sake of your health, also take a few steps in the cold water treading pool (12 degrees Celsius).

Outdoor pool, 32 degrees Celsius

In the large outdoor pool with current channel, massage jets and neck shower, you can enjoy a wonderful panoramic view of Baden Castle and the Spa Gardens. It is particularly beautiful in the evening hours, when the warm water and the clear starry sky invite you to dream.

Please note our bathing rules and the regulations on bathing attire.