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Sauna World

Leave everyday life behind, take time for yourself, breathe deeply and relax.


Leave everyday life behind, take time for yourself, breathe deeply and relax. In our generously designed Sauna World, you can enjoy indoor and outdoor saunas at different temperatures. There is also a large textile-free thermal pool with a water surface of 150 square metres. Here you can cool off, swim and take a seat in the bubble niches. Find the greatest possible relaxation in our Sauna World in Badenweiler.


  • Stone Bath (55 degrees Celsius)
  • Aroma Sauna (65 degrees Celsius)
  • Herbal Sauna (70 degrees Celsius)
  • Finnisch Sauna (90 degrees Celsius)
  • Crystal Sauna (90 degrees Celsius)
  • Infusion Sauna (85 degrees Celsius)

Our sauna infusions with eucalyptus, mint, lemon and cinnamon are adapted to the seasons. In addition, we pamper you every now and then with a free peeling or sauna body cream.

Additional informations:

  • Wednesdays: Ladies sauna from 10 am - 15.30 pm except on public holidays. 
  • Admission to the Thermal Baths is included with a visit to the sauna area.
  • Minimum age twelve years
  • Please bring large bath towels!

Essential oils

All infusions in the sauna will be made exclusively with essential oils. The high-quality new infusion fragrances and the special infusion ceremony promise an intensive, health-promoting experience that also appeals to all the senses.

The selected oils are of the highest quality. They are dropped onto ice balls and slowly melted on the hot sauna-oven. This releases the active ingredients slowly, allowing the essential oils to gradually unfold their soothing, intense fragrances.

The sauna staff at Cassiopeia Therme are specially trained for the new infusion ceremony with its health-promoting and regenerating effects.