Kur- & Castle park

A special sight in the southern Black Forest


The spa and castle park can easily be described as the heart of Badenweiler. The 22-hectare area is one of the most tree-rich spa parks in Germany and is home to Baden Castle and the Roman Bath Ruins. English parks served as the model for this dreamlike spa park, which was created more than 250 years ago. In enchantingly beautiful surroundings, the park offers optimal conditions for a wide range of sporting activities.


Historical sights in the Kur- & castle park

Admire the flora and fauna as well as the town's historical landmarks during a beautiful Sunday stroll in the Kur- & Schlosspark. Visit the venerable Badenweiler Castle or marvel at the early architecture of the ancient Romans in the Bath Ruins. 

Or enjoy an event, a concert or simply a coffee in the Kurhaus Badenweiler.


Take a stroll through the park

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