Experience a day in the desert. Fill up on warmth, light and solar energy.

The UV rays are filtered, the room temperature is well-dosed. Lying comfortably on a non-woven fabric, you experience via a light simulation how the sun awakens in the desert, moves to its highest point and slowly sets again. The air in the sand light bath is pleasantly aromatised. After the approx. 30-minute visit, you feel refreshed and rejuvenated. The warm sand, the atmosphere and the aromatic substances have a calming and inspiring effect at the same time.

In the cold season, the sand-light bath is ideal for all those who suffer from low moods or winter depression caused by the weather and lack of light.


During approx 30 Min.         10,00 €


What you should know before booking

Spa appointments

You need an appointment for the spa treatments. We ask for early reservation and understanding that appointments that are not kept or cancelled at short notice (less than 24 hours in advance) will be charged.

Tel. +49 7632 799-208 oder vor Ort.


The Spa Oasis is located in the Cassiopeia Spa. Please add admission to the thermal baths, sauna world or Roman-Irish bath to the price for the Sand Light Bath. For prices see current price list.


Guests with cardiovascular diseases and pregnant women are requested to consult a doctor before treatments or before using the spa oasis. Each guest bears the health risks himself.


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