Relaxing massages


Loosen tensions, promote blood circulation in tissues, skin and muscles and restore tendons and ligaments to lost elasticity: Enjoy classic or special massages at Cassiopeia Therme that are geared to your individual body sensations.

No matter which scented oil you choose and whether you opt for a back, head, face, leg, foot or full-body massage - with our masseuses you are literally in the best hands.

With the classic massages with the scented oil of your choice, you can decide whether you want a back, head, face, leg, foot or full body massage.
Duration approx ca. 30 Min.                                        43,00 €
Duration approx ca. 40 Min.                                        55,00 €
Duration approx ca. 60 Min.                                        78,00 €

Foot reflexology

Activation and beneficial influence on individual body organs through a massage of the reflex points on the soles of the feet.

Duration approx ca. 40 Min.         53,00 €



Experience a massage with a very special depth. The bamboo massage is an impressive, deeply relaxing massage with bamboo sticks. By inserting the bamboo sticks, local tensions can be released. The blood circulation is stimulated and the tissue is stimulated. The bamboo massage is an efficient muscle and connective tissue massage and works effectively against cellulite. Your skin is smoothed and tightened by the massage.

Duration approx ca. 30 Min.       46,00 €

Duration approx ca. 60 Min.       82,00 €

Massage with warm grape seed oil

Cold-pressed grape seed oil is the number 1 skin care.A power package from the seeds of the grape helps the skin fight free radicals that accelerate the ageing process. Grape seed oil is rich in linoleic acid, which counteracts the loss of moisture from the skin and contains the "anti-aging" vitamin E and antioxidant OPC.Enjoy a wonderful massage with this precious oil, your skin will feel velvety soft afterwards.

Duration approx ca. 50 Min.          69,00 €



Our relaxing king massage consists of a combination of different massage techniques and focuses on the deep layers of the muscle connective tissue.Warm essential oils guarantee you royal well-being.You determine the scent that suits you.

Duration approx ca. 70 Min.          92,00 € 


Experience a variety of massage offers on a "trip around the world".

You can also get to know diverse and fascinating massage offers during a "trip around the world" in our wellness oasis.


Hot Stone Massage

During this partial or full body massage, gently performed with warm stones, blocked energies and tensions are released. The blood circulation is promoted.

Duration approx ca. 60 Min.          85,00 €



Sassi dei Vulcano

Fascinating combination of massage, energy and the soothing effect of hot basalt and cool marble stones. The combination of warm oils on the skin and the stones placed on specific points of the body puts you in a unique deep state of relaxation, which has a harmonising and vitalising effect.

Duration approx ca. 80 Min.          110,00 €



Hawaian „Lomi Lomi“ Massage

A feast for the senses. The original Hawaiian temple massage is a mixture of massage, ritual and energetic bodywork using not only the hands but also the forearms and elbows. The long, flowing movements make the massage an unforgettable experience and leave you with new energy and inner balance.


Duration approx ca. 60 Min.          85,00 €




This traditional Indian full-body massage has a harmonising effect on body, mind and soul. Through rhythmic, gentle strokes, all detoxification channels are opened, stress is reduced and physical blockages are released. Let yourself be pampered and provide your skin with valuable nutrients that are missing in everyday life.

Duration approx ca. 60 Min.          88,00 €


Calmness in the head - strength in life. The Ayurvedic head, neck and face massage is an intensive relaxation experience that has a rejuvenating and beautifying effect.

During approx ca. 50 Min.          69,00 €



Hamam - the oriental care ceremonial

Your hamam visit begins with a stay in the steam bath. The skin is thus optimally prepared for the hamam ceremony that follows. While you relax on a pre-warmed hamam couch, our hamam master pampers you with water pours, a silk glove peeling and a foam massage. Finally, relax with a glass of Turkish tea in the relaxation room of the wellness oasis.

Hamam classic

Full body treatment, incl. a glass of tea

During approx ca. 45 Min.          69,00 €
During approx ca. 60 Min.          88,00 €


After the hammam, we recommend a re-fatting with appropriate care oils.
          12,00 €


Hamam Sehrazat icl. regreasing

This particularly intensive, extensive hamam treatment also includes a full-body oil massage. The muscles and joints are loosened, the valuable care oil supplies your skin with nutrients and provides intensive moisture. Incl. a glass of tea.

During approx ca. 80 Min.          108,00 €



Pantai Luar™ Full body treatment

Pantai Luar™ is the name for an ancient, East Asian massage technique. Your body is gently rubbed with precious, fragrant, warm oil. Activates the internal organs and has a metabolism-stimulating and purifying effect.

During approx ca. 60 Min.             96,00 €



Tropical Bali Massage
Body-and soul journey

The Balinese massage begins with a foot bath in a large singing bowl, a foot massage and a body peeling. Then we invite you to a body and soul journey consisting of gentle movements, rhythmic acupressure, reflexology and a massage with warm herbal stamps.

During approx ca. 90 Min.             124,00 €


Further interesting facts about your massage in the Spa Oasis.

Please remember to book a separate appointment for each massage - by telephone on +49 7632 799-208, by e-mail at or directly on site.

In addition, we hope you will understand that we will charge you for appointments that are not attended or cancelled less than 24 hours in advance.

In addition to the price of the massage, you must also pay for admission to the thermal baths, the sauna world or the Roman-Irish bath, which you can find in the current price list.

If you are pregnant or have a cardiovascular disease and would like to enjoy a massage, we kindly ask you to consult a doctor in advance about possible health risks - as each guest is responsible for these.


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