Body - wraps


Care and float. Well creamed with a rich body wrap, relax on a soft pack couch in an almost weightless state.

Well-creamed with rich body packs, you lie wrapped up on a pleasantly tempered soft pack couch. Similar to a waterbed, you relax in an almost weightless state. The effect of the cream nutrients and care substances is intensified by the warmth. Our body wraps have a vitalising effect, regulate the moisture balance of the skin, making it soft and giving it a fresh complexion. We use only high-quality ingredients.

Rügen Medicinal chalk

The Rügen healing chalk is famous for removing fat, water and waste products from the skin. Excellent for the treatment of joint diseases, circulatory disorders and for pain relief and relaxation. Including refatting.

During approx. 35 Min.          49,00 €


Vino-Full body care pack

Revitalising and modelling pack. Highly effective anti-ageing thanks to the OPC substances contained in the grape seed. They neutralise harmful free radicals. Grape seeds also contain a high proportion of vitamins, fruit acids and trace elements, vitamins A and E are well transported.The Vino whole body care pack refreshes and tones your skin.

During approx 35 Min.          53,00 €


Cleopatra Milk Oil Care Wrap.

Mineralising, intensively moisturises the skin. Discover the beauty recipe of the Egyptian queen.

During approx 30 Min.          49,00 €


Please note the following when booking:

Spa appointments:

You need an appointment for the wellness treatments. We ask for early reservation and understanding that appointments that are not kept or cancelled at short notice (less than 24 hours in advance) will be charged.

Tel. +49 7632 799-208 oder vor Ort.


The Spa Oasis is located in the Cassiopeia Spa. Please add the entrance fee to the thermal baths, sauna world or Roman-Irish bath to the price for the body wraps. For prices see current price list.


Guests with cardiovascular diseases and pregnant women are requested to consult a doctor before treatments or before using the wellness oasis. Each guest bears the health risks himself.


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